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Universal and robust dough moulder machine is designed mainly for long moulder of wheaten and mixed rye-wheaten doughs. The roundly shaped dough pieces enter into the centering hoper then the dough is rolled up into the desired thickness between two pairs of rollers. The final shape of a loaf is achieved on its way between the conveyor belt and the mouldings board.

Underneath of the chain drag is made of stainless steel.
Height of the moulding board can be precisely and accurately adjusted by the two handles.
Rollers are made of special material which prevent the striking of the dough.
It has quick, precise and simple setting of centering flaps, rollers, table and guides.
Machine is on wheels with breaks.
All its mobile covers are equipped with safety electrical switches.

Stainless steel long moulder with 4 cylinders.
Total weight of 450 kg.
Adjustable side guide with handwheels.
Suitable for dry and elastic dough processing.
Working width mm 650 length mm 1,100.
Capacity 2500 PZ/h from 50 to 1500 gr.

The know-how of the cylinders guarantees progressive laminating moulding operations system of the dough without ill-treating it. The machine is multiversion- the 2 cylinders version is indicated for loaves of soft dough, high water content dough requiring delicate operation.
The 4 cylinders version is highly resistance, it is suitable for dry, elastic and hard dough. Also with a preliminary rounding which improves the quality of the loaf, as it make the shape and size homogenous.



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Moulder 4CF

Long moulder with 4 cylinders of stainless steel. It is particularly suitable for dry and elastic dough processing. Capacity 2500 pz/h from 50 to 1500 gr.  Working width mm 650 length  mm .

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