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Zoom is a steam pipe oven with 4 overlapping baking chambers. It is designed to satisfy the ratio between capacity, power and cost. The main characteristic of the oven is its heating system, a densed network of closed circuit pipes in which steam circulates. The floor and ceiling of each chamber are in direct contact with the band of pipes and receive heat by conduction. The oven guarantees constant, optimal heat distribution and stability during baking. This results to the maintenance of the product aroma and the prolongment of its shelf life. Its versatile nature guarantees rapid temperature adjustment. It has an efficient heat exchanger with channels for the recycling of hot combustion of smoke. The loading doors are made of stainless steel and tempered glass. The total baking area is 4, 6 or 9 square meters. Zoom operates with liquid and gaseous fuels.

Efficient insulation system for a low running cost.
High thermal efficiency heat exchange system.
Instant expansion of steam.
Exclusively designed for the use of baking belt.
High performance compound floor with high mechanical resistance.
During baking constant/optimal heat distribution.
Baking chambers wrapped with annular tubes that radiates heat.
Designed for easy repositioning without demontage.

Baking quality
Flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
Even baked.
Perfectly even colored product.
Maximized bread volume.
Excellent crust, shiny and homogenous thickness.

Maximum baking system of 300 C.
Average gradient of temperature rise around 4°/6° C/min.
Time of continuous running is 24/24.
Constant and excellent evenness of the temperature.
Stability after loading..
Multiple dimension decks of 80x120, 120x120, 120x180 cm. 4, 6, 9, mq.

Safety device
Safety thermostat.
Emergency push button.
Steam exhaust fan.
Machine conforms with the applied EU directives.


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ZOOM 812

BASSANINA. Steam pipes oven N. 4 chambers. Mq 4,0. Kcal 22.000. Oven
inside dimensions mm. 820x1230. Weight Kg. 1.850. Functions with
burner (burner not included).

ZOOM 1212

BASSANINA. Steam pipes oven N. 4 chambers. Mq 6,0. Kcal 30.000. Oven
inside dimensions mm. 1230x1230. Weight Kg. 2.250. Functions with
burner (burner not included).

ZOOM 1218

BASSANINA. Steam pipes oven N. 4 chambers. Mq 9,0. Kcal 45.000. Oven
inside dimensions mm. 1230x1840. Weight Kg. 2.950. Functions with
burner (burner not included).

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