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This is a rotating compact rack oven with rear burner and heat exchanger. It is extremely compact and reduces the encumbrances to a minimum level maintaining its capacity and performance. The structure and the exhaust evacuation system is made of stainless steel with double glass door. Its steam device is situated in the baking chamber and it is driven by an adjustable time system. The steam distribution is perfect with continuous working cycles.

Compact nature for the reduction of space.
Convection oven with forced air circulation.
Electrical functions with high efficiency armoured resistance.
Slow trolley rotation speed for a well-balanced distribution of air.
Suitable for bakers and confectioners.
Multiple versions. Mechanical or digital programmable panel.

Baking quality
Uniform even baked.
Capacity of baking diversified products.
Perfect and shiny crust


Total weight of 550 kg.
Rack maximum diagonal of 720.
Overall dimension of 980x630.
Maximum working temperature of 300.
Rack maximum width of 450.
Capacity of accommodating 15 or 18 baking trays of 40x60, 45x65 or 50x70 cm

Safety device
Safety thermostat guard.
Micro switch door opening control.
Clutch rack rotation.
Over pressure damper.
Machine is guaranteed under the applied EU directives.

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Fr Compact 46

Rotating rack rear oven for nr. 15 trays 40x60 cm. Mq 3,6. Kw.1.
Functions electric Kw.22,5 or with gas or gas-oil burner Kcal.29.000
(burner not included).

Fr Compact 57

Rotating rack rear oven for nr. 15 trays 50x70 cm. Mq 5,2. Kw.1.
Functions electric Kw.27 or with gas or gas-oil burner Kcal.35.000 (burner
not included.

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