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The rotating rack oven is a convection oven with forced air circulation. Roller has a frontal burner and heat exchanger to satisfy specific operation and positioning requirements. This allows the oven to be installed into more line units, side by side. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for the production of several types of bread and pastry products, both of small and medium-sized. The balance inflow of hot air, combined with the rotation of the rack and a controlled steam input, grants constant even baking, enhancing the rising and fragrance of the product. Its perfect stable baking enables to obtain voluminous and soft bread of any dimension. Made of stainless steel, with a modular construction system that reduces installation time and offers increased protection and longevity, against the structural thermic expansion that occur during operation. Roller can work with gas or diesel burner or with electric system.

In and out full Stainless steel construction.
Advanced technology, quality materials and high thermic efficiency.
Rapid heat recovery system.
Perfect controlled air flow.
Heat exchanger built in a heat resistant stainless steel of AISI 310.
Multi chamber steam generator system, removable and easy cleaning.
Unbeatable longevity.
Easy access to service.
Automatic exhaust steam damper.
Hook or turntable configuration – accommodates most double racks.
Bright halogen lighting, double panel window with swing out hinges for easy cleaning.
Multiple versions. Mechanical or digital programmable panel.
User friendly computer control panel stores programs, digital or LCD.
Multi fuel configuration, electric, propane, natural gas or diesel.
Electric voltage of 400/50-60/3 – 220/50-60/3 – 208/60/3 – 220/1.
Tray sizes: 40x60, 50x70, 60x80, 80x80, 80x90, 60x100, 80x100, 80x120.

Baking quality
Flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
Even bake.
Perfectly even colored product.
Maximized bread volume.
Excellent texture.
Excellent crust. Shiny and homogenous thickness.

Maximum baking temperature is 300 C.
Time of continuous running is 24h/24h.
Temperature decreasing when opening the door is around 20 C.
Average gradient of temperature rise around 8-10° C/min.
Steam Generation of 4 Lt /20 sec at 240 C.
Rack rotation speed of 3.625 tr/min.
Rack suspension system or turntable suitable for a total rack loading up to 300 kg.

Safety devices
Safety thermostat guard.
Micro switch door opening control.
Clutch rack rotation.
Over pressure damper.
Machine conforms with the applied EU directives.



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BASSANINA. Rotating rack rear oven for N. 02 trays 60x80 cm. Mq 17,3.
Kcal 100.000. Oven dimensions mm. 2000x3000x2600h. Weight kg 2100.
Functions with gas or gas-oil burner or electric working (burner not


BASSANINA. Rotating rack lateral oven for trays 80x80 cm.
Mq 11,5. Kcal70.000.
Oven dimensions mm. 2110x1750x2220h. Weight kg 1760.
Functions with burner (burner not included).


BASSANINA. Rotating rack lateral oven for trays 80x90 cm. Mq 13. Kcal 70.000. Oven dimensions mm.  2110x1750x2220h. Weght kg 1760. Functions with burner (burner not included)


Bassanina. BASSANINA. Rotating rack lateral oven for trays 60x100 cm. Mq 11. Kcal 70.000. Oven dimensions mm. 2110x1750x2220h. Weight kg 1760. Functions with burner (burner not included)


Electric power working

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