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Our baking trays are made of some specific process that ensures high quality product. It is suitable for bakeries and confectionery use. Our product has technical solutions capable of guaranteeing convenience and practicability, optimizing the working process. We provide high quality finishing, the material is perforated, cut, folded and welded using specialized equipment and expertise technique. The corners and the edges are reduced to the minimum in order to avoid risks, knocks and crust. The surface at contact with food products are designed for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Total control of the production cycle and the update of the equipment gives us the possibility to provide.
Baking trays of all sizes, length and width with customized thickness.

Standard perforation is obtained with a 2-mm diameter and 3,5 mm pitch.
Perforation upon request (diameter and pitch).
Baking trays with 2,3 or 4 turned down edges.
Turned edge with height starting from 1 mm and angle range of 30 and 120.
Corrugated baking trays with the number of channels are provided upon request with the minimum diameter of 20/22 mm.


Do not clean using sharp or abrasive equipment.
Do not clean under high pressure (greater than 5 bars) and do not use alkaline or aggressive solutions or
solutions not suitable for handling food products.
Do not heat empty.
Do not use wet or moist.
Move baking trays with due care.
When moving baking trays, be careful not to drop or bang them. Do not stack.
Clean strictly using water (in dishwashers at 50°C max), with neutral PH agents, using soft rags.
Wash under pressure below 5 bars.
Dry baking trays before using again.
Store the products clean and in a suitable place, dry and free of dust.



Baking trays and other equivalent equipment are suitable for handling food products as provided for by:
1935/2004 European Regulation; Presidential decree N° 777 23/08/1982; Legislative decree N° 108 25/01/1992; Ministerial decree
21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments; EEC 89/109; EEC 02/72 and subsequent amendments.


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