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Our mixers have a strong steel structure. An ideal work relationship between tool and bowl: regular mixture, constant quality. Excellent dough oxygenation. Spiral and fork mixers.


Hexagonal, square, round dividers. To handle the dough gently, to work delicately without prejudicing the leavening. Homogeneous pressing and precision on cutting.


Moulders for rolled bread. The lamination is made with independent and adjustable cylinders. Lengthening and rolling, gentle and progressive using contrasting belts and adjustable pressing board.


One of the most delicate bread-making stages. Our chambers produce constant and programmable conditions of temperature and humidity. A stable mixture of heat and steam distributed and collected it in every point of the chamber.


Our ovens guarantee uniform and excellent distribution of heat, extraordinary stability. Instant steam, in quantity. Volume, softness, fragrance and beautiful bread. Rotating rack. Electric deck, static or modular. Steam pipe deck.


Trays: flat or corrugated, full or perforated, with folded edges or frame, natural or coated. High quality finishing, specialised equipment, expert technique. Trays with moulds. Tin box. Trolleys. Loader belts.


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